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Laurent, James — A pair of bad vampires who menace our heroes before getting their comeuppance. Sam — Leader of the local wolf pack.

Names from Twilight: Not Just for Vampires Anymore

Samuel ranked 25 in , while nickname Sam came in at This name is actually falling in use, but it is possible that the noble werewolf could inspire a few parents. As a set, their names range from the evergreen Paul to the popular Brady to the unusual Quil. But none of them are major characters, so it is tough to say if Twilight alone will push them into the spotlight. The currently unranked Embry feels like a contender. Seth — A junior werewolf who befriends the Cullens early. Seth is actually falling in use, coming in at in Aro, Marcus, Caius — A trio of bad-news vamps known as the Volturi.

They act as royalty — and a sort of judge, jury and executioner for their kind. Aro seems too far out for most parents to consider. Caius might be wearable. And Marcus is well-established, ranking in Felix , Demetri, Alec — Henchmen of the Volturi. Demetri and Alec are also promising picks, unranked and charting at , respectively. They feature prominently in Twilight , but fade into the background during later novels.

Bella — the heroine of the series. Besides a nickname for the chart-topper Isabella, girls called Annabel , Arabella and sometimes even Gabrielle answer to this appealing diminutive. She spends most of the series in sunny, non-vamp-accommodating locales like Arizona and Florida.

Ned McDodd

Wonder if she knows how high her name will climb? As of , she ranked She ranked in Rosalie — Another Cullen vampire, just a smidge older than Alice and Edward. In life, she was already drop-dead gorgeous. Victoria — A red-headed vampire, she hunts Bella for part of the series. Jane , Heidi — Female members of the Volturi inner circle.

At , Jane is the new Kate. Miss Klum may be Runway Royalty, but Heidi remains in fashion limbo — hovering near the s, neither gaining nor falling. Gianna — An ordinary human being — save that she works as a sort of receptionist for the Volturi, at least until she ends up on the menu. Gianna was already on the rise when the books were published. She now stands at 73, steadily inching up in recent years. Leah — Another one of the La Push werewolves, the only female in memory.

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Just like Gianna, Leah was popular pre-series. In , she ranked Renesmee — It would take a superfan to bestow this one on a daughter.

The pronunciation is ruh NEZ may — a bit much, though the nickname Nessie is sweet. It goes without saying that Renesmee has never charted in the US Top Carlie came in at last year, while variant Carly was And yup, Carlee ranks, too , as do Karli, Karly, Karlee, Karley and Karlie, though most of them are slipping in recent years. Again, this trend was in place well before Bella met Edward. I only meant to say, living in Utah aka, going to school at BYU and being Mormon gives you access to an entirely different culture of naming than most people.

Again, I meant no offense! Not every Puritan named their kid Flee-Fornication, not every hippie birthed a little moonbeam and not every Catholic has a Mary Catherine. As a Mormon from Idaho but currently living in Utah — I just wanted to defend, once again, the lumping and stereotyping. All nice and normal. Anyhow, not trying to be obnoxious, just putting in my two-bits. Different sounding, creatively spelled, unique names abound in the west.

They point out the new millennium boys tend to fall into the creative last name as first name Braxton, Tylon. Rather than thinking Renesmee was something an year old would find cute, I found my self thinking, that name is SO Utah. Nice point, Elle! Answers and such and I recently wrote an advice column post for my blog on how to pull off using one of these names without coming off as a Twilight fan. Overall, I do like a lot of the names from the book, but it has nothing to do with Twilight. As many have mentioned, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and the like were already coming back into style before the books were published.

Meyer definitely used an appealling range of names, though. I can still completely appreciate the whole underwordly, prince-of-darkness kind of vibe, just not via this series. Not so much. Which reminds me, I need to go brandish my cane and yell at the neighborhood hooligans to stay off of my lawn. A lot of the names used in Twilight were already popular or trending that way. Dense forests turn day into night until suddenly you emerge into blinding sunshine.

Connecticut is a small State, but cruising through its Northern territory is a far cry from the polished estates and gracious lanes of Greenwich and New Canaan. This area of Connecticut is a beautiful wilderness largely covered with forests and small farms. The Connecticut River valley is bucolic with ancient iron bridges crossing its wide span and a toy ferry that miraculously carries eight cars at a time crossing a wide stretch of the river, which is navigateable for miles up stream. The river served as an important industrial waterway with barges and tug boats carrying freight back and forth.

Today its primary use is by pleasure boats. The towns along its shore bear witness to a once thriving water based economy.

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Massive abandoned mill buildings stand vacant along its shores waiting to be renovated into condos or torn down by the wrecking ball… which ever comes first. Victorian Mansions bear witness to the bygone wealth of these towns.

Vladimir Savchenko. Self-discovery

Our rally consisted of 11 Model T's ranging from to , mine is from All the cars are lovingly maintained. Owners come from all over including Larry the Limey, who keeps his car here permanently for these rallies. Some guys are up at 5 am tinkering with their engines, brakes, and lubrication and then there is me. I love my car - I've owned it for over forty years, but unlike my cohorts, I know virtually nothing about the mechanics.

As a result I have been coasting on a wing and a prayer My luck finally ran out. Posted at PM in Travel , vladi's humor , Vladi's philosophy , vladi's provocative thoughts , vladimir Kagan Permalink Comments 0. Onward and Upward. Gstaad here we come.

The week was forecast for rain, more rain and thunderstorms; that did not deter us; rain or shine I was heading for the mountains. As it turned out, the weather was lovely: sunshine mixed with clouds and an occasional drizzle thrown in for variety. Our chalet is tucked into the midst of a farmer's field surrounded by odiferous pastureland.

Arriving in the late afternoon, we were greeted by a low-lying mist, moist on our face and the pungent perfume of spread manure. If only I could bottle the mountain air mixed with the scent of new cut grass, the cow manure and the aging cheese We stayed in my niece's chalet located in the little hamlet of Les Moulins. Our neighborhood has narrow, steep one-lane roads cut between waist-high fields of wild flowers. Scattered cows are grazing on steep hills leaving rutted paths with their hoofs. Weathered ancient chalets, with deep overhanging roofs shielding the tiny windows are hung with neat white lace curtains and framed by green shutters.

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Our chalet is a peaceful haven, conducive to creativity. Every spring there is a happening at this time of the year; the cows are driven through the elegant streets of Gstaad on their way up to their mountain pasturelands, there to graze and make milk all summer long. Chris and I were there at the propitious moment to photograph this scene. The churches are beautful enough to make me want to brcome a parish priest!

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Lauenen See - and the beautiful waterfall, high up in the mountains, is an idyllic setting that is our family's annual pilgrimage. There are only a few friends left in the mountains at this time of year. We visited with old friends who live in a chalet — we drop in on the neighboring farmer and disturb him while milking his cows. How can we leave this idyllic place?


Not all good things should come to an end. One final fling: we do a touristy visit to Gruyere on our way back to Geneva. And so this writer heads for the hills of Switzerland and Italy. W here once shapely stewardesses helped while-away the dreary hours of the night, flight attendants of all ages, sizes, and gender have replaced them… Attractive is no longer the operative word.

Even Business Class is not much more than a cattle transport. Menus are pretentious: printed in oversized folios - the cuisine exquisitely described in florid language. In reality the fare is comparable to cafeteria food. The appetizer consists of a chopped salad; the main course is predictably over-cooked meats or pasta. Eloquent cheeses are a sliver of inconsequential blue and Swiss. With the return trip, you have collected enough for a setting of six.

Have you seen their advertising? The A is a nice modern airplane designed with a minimum of flourish.