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We will analyse some paintings of this iconographical theme that are linked to Spain or were executed there, and will present for the first time a rediscovered painting by Mateo Cerezo whose unusual iconography was already remarked upon by Palomino. Valladolid, Museo Nacional de Escultura photographie de l'auteur. Sur le miroir on peut distinguer le reflet d'un ange debout. Il s'agit de la direction vers laquelle pointe le reflet de l'ange dans le miroir, qui lui se trouve en dehors du tableau.

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Mais vers quoi regardent-ils? Pour terminer, nous voudrions montrer un dernier exemple en Espagne de cette iconographie provenant d'Italie, lequel n'est pas sans rappeler le tableau de Cerezo. But there is n o real sense of urgency and danger, and Wright seems to be recording blast furnaces hurling russet, bronze and gold upwards from their heart.

After a trip to Italy of a year and a half, Wright had done no less than thirty versions of the Vesuvius eruption. From grottoes to gushing volcanoes to pulsating fireworks, earthly matter and man-made golden light challenge the darkness, in a visual performance bonding earth and sky, encoding the transition between a divine and a terrestrial light, this red-hot crucible enacting alchemical dreams on a grand scale. Wright has imagined that a traveler has broken down on a journey and the farrier is therefore working outside by the light of a candle.

The central element that is afire, the white-hot piece of iron, has an unusually bright glow. What is the secret behind the blinding white-hot iron bar? Investigations in the s gave it away: beneath the image of the conspicuous ingot, a piece of gold leaf was inserted between a thick layer of lead-white and an opaque layer of Naples yellow.

This puzzling decision deserves an explanation. The picture highlights the utility and benefits of the labor of blacksmiths, at once practical and essential. And when efficiently fulfilling basic human needs, their actions are haloed with lofty social and moral purpose as well as economic value. Wright confers to the scene a solemn and dramatic dignity which was quite unusual for such a subject matter. Although their job is in no way exceptional, their posture and graceful power is endowed with the majesty of traditional heroes or demigods, with muscular strength and highlighted features far more handsome than Vulcan, the god of fire, who would have featured in a mythological painting.

The carved angel above the arcade of a derelict church is also a topos of religious painting, which elevates this otherwise humble genre scene, investing it with the aura of a painting of the Grand Manner. These healthy, virile, concentrated men are working for the prosperity of a country turned towards progress and the future.

He upheld that labor generated economic value much more so than land or money, and moreover contributed to producing civilization. Hume, in his Moral Essays of , claimed that industry enabled men to fight away the melancholy that goes with indolence. In this perspective, iron attained a higher status than gold itself.

Jozef van Wissem

Using the precious and decorative ore that is gold to enhance iron is a way to glorify a material that is much more common and drab but of far more practical value. Of course , the auriferous brightness magnifies the iron metal. The gold leaf also harkens back to the golden age of religious painting, the International Gothic, which endowed divine characters with haloes made of gold. As a matter of fact, the night scenes of Wright of Derby that celebrate scientific popularization or praise the Industrial Revolution are fraught with figurative conventions of the sacred night piece.

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Wright wanted to put himself at a safe distance from the high manner of the recently founded Royal Academy, which anyway excluded him from membership. The fact that Wright concealed his technique was in line with the craftsman trade policies of closely guarded secrets. In the picture, the light is hidden behind the communicative medium, i. This chiaroscuro is prolonged and enhanced by the opulent gilded brightness and deep shades of the hollows of the Carlo Maratta frames.

P robably made to sparkle by the candlelight, the flickering reflectiveness of the frame interplays exquisitely with the luminosity or golden hues of the scene, drawing the spectator toward and into the picture. Gold therefore acquires a metapictorial value: just like light itself, it cannot be seen, but it is what allows visibility and radiance. Just like the moon reflecting the sunlight, t he gold sheet reflects light through the coats of paint, and interacts with the ambient darkness. In that painting, the black colour of the metal parts of the lamp conceals a silver and gold sheet, applied onto the layer of the red-brown underpainting.

And like God, too, the artist keeps most of his creative inspiration out of sight, 27 leaving us bedazzled. You may try and scratch the surface of a painting to plumb its illusionistic depth, truth is all you shall find is dust. The pendant of The Alchemyst was the Hermit contemplating a heap of bones.

He broke open the beguiling cavity, only to find nothing but dust and ashes from the decomposing corpses, and certainly no buried treasure. Sacrilegious wretch, searchest thou for gold among the dead! If Wright underlays iron with gold and therefore paradoxically twists the problem the other way around, turning it on its head via a reductio ad absurdum argument, it is to bring into the open the merits of craftsmanship in painting.

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Similarly, t he golden rule of the allure of a good picture is nothing but a labor of love and craftsmanship and then the blessed eternal repose of the surface, its object being gone. The idol of gold cannot outshine the discreet art of labor, not least the sublime labor of art here, literally sublimated by the light of gold.

In the case of Wright of Derby, gold partakes of a secretive purpose meant to give depth, potency and perspective to his artistic endeavors and prospects. Instead of being foregrounded in its splendor and fascination, gold is subdued in a statement about unobtrusive, penetrating and low-key application. In the somewhat Protestant fashion Max Weber associated with the Industrial Revolution, Wright soberly keeps his treasure and design out of view, undisclosed and unexposed, plays down the value of his well-wrought pictures, only to manifest the enchantment of his industriousness and craftsmanship.

In so doing, he appropriates the golden leaf and makes his picture his own private cryptic geological quarry, where the buried vein was to be tapped and discovered some two hundred years later by scholars striking it lucky. Daniels, Stephen. Joseph Wright. London: Tate Gallery Publishing, They are Aquaserge by the way. Tout coule de source, alors que rien ne devrait. Une utopie pop en marche. It'll be the same sound that you heart in the film, but re-amped and re-miked.

I'll be able to play with little speakers, putting them in sinks and other places. I won't be playing music as such, I will dub the original footage in a sense. As impossible as it is, I was trying to find a way for the film image and the sound of the music to keep some kind of autonomy, and yet affect each other in ways that are hopefully not too narratively driven. His compositions explore these instruments in new ways by disassociating their historical baggage and exploring their capabilities in a modern context. Une harmonie naturelle. Chant liturgique?

Ritournelles folk?

Pop chorale? Guthrie goes for a very full sound, something that befits his personal history as a student of Tony Williams. He has a marvelous ability to coalesce a wealth of seemingly casual sounds, events that have no apparent relationship, into an entirely convincing, cohesive whole.

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The tribal drive of momentum and repetition can give birth to timelessness. Tentant, donc. The band uses vocals almost like stringed instruments, which become even more noticeable when violins are added to their chanting".

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Pas du tout. Plus ils sont de fous, plus ils rient. T'es vivant!

The Joy That Never Ends

The guitars and electronics work well together too, needling guitar lines and electro-industrial loops from synth and laptop with some haunting vocals thrown in to create the atmosphere too. Both the guitarist and the electric wizard have their own percussion for a little extra wallop. Another hard-working band who get around Europe a lot it would seem. Keep an eye out for them. Yet as you listen, you begin to see that Chenaux is working at the same puzzle all along, looking for ways to shroud melody in dissonance, drone and difficulty, in different degrees and with different results, but always with the song itself winning through.

This is unquestionably one of the best albums of An interesting example of a performer getting more experimental and simultaneously more studio-savvy, Chenaux has produced his best work yet.

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Throughout the collection Chenaux combines meticulous songcraft with experimental instincts, so no matter how pretty or tuneful a piece is, he adds compelling layers of noise and texture, shaped with an improviser's sense of adventure. For starters, you will be hard-pressed to find a more melodically brilliant album — in any genre — this year. These pieces are so fluid and natural that the shorter ones might seem as if they have lasted eternally and the longer ones leave you begging for more.