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This is because your mood and emotions also comprise your mental context. Experiments have confirmed that memory is enhanced when your current mood matches the mood in which you learned the information. This is one of the main reasons why, when preparing for exams, a regular study routine is more effective than cramming.

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According to the theory, rapidly repeated material is associated with a single state of context, whereas material repeated across different times and events is associated with several different states of context. Read more: How memories are formed and retrieved by the brain revealed in a new study. Contextual-binding theory can potentially explain a host of other phenomena , such as the effects of brain damage on memory.

People with damage to a region in the centre of the brain called the hippocampus are often unable to form new memories. We suspect this is where context-binding actually occurs, especially given that the hippocampus receives inputs from virtually all other brain regions , enabling associations between different sights, smells, physical sensations, and emotions.

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A competing theory, known as systems consolidation theory , instead proposes that memories are initially stored in the hippocampus but are gradually transferred and strengthened in other brain regions over time. This theory is supported by the fact that memory for new material is better when you rest after learning.

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Time spent resting may give the brain a chance to consolidate new memories. However, contextual-binding theory can also potentially explain this benefit. Resting immediately after learning, as opposed to carrying on shovelling facts into your brain, means fewer memories share the same context, making them easier to distinguish when you revisit that context later. This also explains why rest is also beneficial before learning , as well as after.

Discovering new planets — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Our autobiography is pieced together from the many events in our lives — but we pick and choose which ones to include. Connecting to your past can strengthen your defences against depression and PTSD, suggesting new treatments for these disorders, says David Robson.

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Writer Joshua Foer immersed himself in the world of competitive memorisers to demystify their incredible feats. Home The ultimate guide to memory. Memory: Remembrance of things to come The discovery that memory evolved to allow us to predict the future rather than recall the past has some very strange implications, says David Robson Read more.

Memory: Do animals ever forget? Memory: How the brain spins your life story Our autobiography is pieced together from the many events in our lives — but we pick and choose which ones to include Read more.

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Memory: Boosting your mental fortress Connecting to your past can strengthen your defences against depression and PTSD, suggesting new treatments for these disorders, says David Robson Read more. Memory: Lost in the here and now People who are stuck in the present reveal a strange interplay between memory and body Read more.

Memory: Six tips to master yours Want to remember, or forget things, at will? These tips will show you how Read more.