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Many of those Challengers come back time and time again, drawn by the potential for both wilderness and camaraderie. The event takes place 10th — 24th May. Entries are now closed for but we will be open for entries from mid September. Read more here. Challenge coordinators Sue Oxley and Ali Ogden discuss the mental health benefits of a multi-day trip into the wilds.

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This feature was first published in the Spring issue of The Great Outdoors. As other Challengers rush across the sand…. Challenge coordinators Sue Oxley and Ali Ogden discuss the intricacies of route-plotting. First published in the April issue of The Great Outdoors. In early November every year, hundreds of backpackers get the very good news that they have successfully…. Challenge coordinators Sue Oxley and Ali Ogden celebrate bonds forged through shared backpacking. First published in the March issue of The Great Outdoors.

The Great Outdoors

In the run-up to the 40th TGO Challenge this May, we will be running a series of short articles on the finest backpacking event in the world. Wondering what the TGO Challenge is all about? Thinking of coming along but need some inspiration for your route?

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Ghost stories after the family BBQ include one of a man-eating grizzly bear that Chet met face-to-face when he was younger. Chet says that while he and Connie were honeymooning at the same lake, he was attacked by a giant grizzly bear.


When he fired at it with a shotgun, the buckshot shaved the hair off the top of the bear's head and from that day on, it was known as the "Bald-Headed Bear" of Claire County. After Roman pulls Chet around the lake on an impromptu water ski ride with his rented speedboat, tensions between the families erupt. Chet is ready to pack up and go home, even as his teenage son Buck tries to romance a local girl, Cammie. The budding romance goes well until Chet is challenged to eat the Old 96'er a ounce steak at a family dinner which causes Buck to break their date.

Buck tries to apologize to Cammie for being late, but Cammie refuses to speak to him. Connie and Kate bond at a local bar when the conversation drifts to Kate's challenges of being wealthy. Later, just at the peak of tension between families, it emerges that Roman has made a bad investment and is broke.

He has not told Kate and was planning to hit up Chet for the cash. Later, during a thunderstorm, the twins wander off and fall into a mine shaft. Chet and Roman find them, but the claustrophobic Roman is reluctant to descend into the tiny mine shaft. After some encouragement from Chet, Roman summons up all his courage, while Chet goes in search of a rope to pull them out.

Upon realizing that the mine is stocked with old dynamite, Roman takes his daughters and climbs out of the shaft on his own. When Chet returns with the rope, he is horrified to discover the "Bald-Headed Bear" lurking in the mine. It chases him back to his house, smashes through the door, and rampages through the house.

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Wally, the cabin owner, bursts in with a loaded shotgun while Roman tries to hold off the animal with a fire poker and an oar. Chet takes the gun and shoots the bear, blowing the fur off its backside.

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Roaring in pain, the bear runs out of the house. The next morning, the two families part on good terms. Unbeknownst to Chet, Connie has invited Roman's family to stay with them until they can get back on their feet.


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Cammie and Buck make up and end their summer romance, as Buck and his family head back to Chicago. The film was shot on location in Bass Lake, California , a small resort town near Yosemite National Park over three weeks in October The Loon's Nest vacation cabin, built on the backlot at Universal Studios [2] , was designed to match the style of Ducey's existing cabins.

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  • Janet Maslin of The New York Times reported that the film did not have enough collective energy to light a campfire in her review. He described the end credits sequence where Aykroyd and Candy dance to Wilson Pickett's " Land of a 1, Dances " as the only genuine fun and energy in the entire film.