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By coincidence, our test plan also set up a perfect head-to-head comparison that would highlight the difference between mailing on a Thursday and a Monday night.

Will Monday night or Tuesday morning be the best time for your list.. Maybe you'll find a day that works even better for you.

Another element of time you should consider managing in your email campaigns is the relative timing of multiple emails to create an effective messaging sequence. The importance of sequencing your emails begins the moment a prospect signs-up for your list. Which customer do you think will feel better served?


5 Examples of Great Holiday Winery Marketing

Which customer will buy more? Will the first customer remember signing up for your list when they receive your offer? And if they don't remember requesting your information, how do you think they'll respond? When a customer offers their email address, they are giving us an opportunity to become one of the relatively few sources of email they actually open and read. To earn our prospects' trust, we need to fulfill the promise s made when they subscribed, and we need to do it quickly.

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In this way, proactively managing the timing of early email communications can mean the difference between an active list of engaged prospects and a collection of largely inactive names. Whether you're hosting an event, having a sale, or featuring a new product, if you can find a customer-friendly way to send both an announcement and reminder email, you're stacking the odds of success in your favor.

To make this approach work, consider adding a time constraint or deadline to at least some of the campaigns you manage. To leverage a program deadline, make sure you schedule your first email so prospects won't receive announcements and reminders back-to-back. But don't schedule the two emails so far apart that the announcement is completely forgotten by the time the reminder arrives.

The ideal interval is a judgment call you'll have to make about your own customers, but for us three or four weeks between announcement and reminder has worked well. The other timing decision you'll need to make with this approach is when to send your "last chance" email relative to the final deadline.

Learn best practices for testing, maintaining good list health, and creating effective campaigns.

Again, you'll need to make a judgment call. This time you'll want an interval short enough to create a sense of urgency, but not so tight that your email presents an unreasonable demand. Product Development Technologist - Sanford Limited.

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Winery Email Marketing: 9 Tips To Keeping Your Winery Newsletter Fresh

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Here are our techniques contributing to our overall email marketing methodology:

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